Core Values


Innovation, Impact & Sustainability​

Sustainability is very important to us. It is the core of our approach. We believe that the success and impact of every development solution lies in its sustainability, specifically when the beneficiaries have the capacity to own the solutions and sustain positive outcomes/results without external support long after project implementation or intervention. We strive to ensure that all proposed solutions are innovative, impactful and sustainable. We aim to deliver long-term quality results for project beneficiaries, clients, and partners.

Partnership & Cooperation

Synergy is a positive force for development, growth and sustainability. We see the people whom we work with – clients, team members and other stakeholders as key partners in accomplishing a shared objective and goal. We run an open, inclusive and participatory system that promotes partnership and service. We believe our work is more effective, innovative, impactful and sustainable when we work together with people of diverse views, opinions and perspectives especially people at the grassroots. We believe that no global challenge we face today or will face in the future can withstand the synergy of partnership and cooperation. Respect

Diversity is enriching. We appreciate the diversity of our staff, partners, clients and most especially the beneficiaries of our work. We regard and respect the viewpoints of everyone. It is this respect for our diverse backgrounds and experiences that unites us to face difficult challenges. This value is reflected in our commitment at ensuring that all our stakeholders – clients and partners and importantly beneficiaries and local communities are involved at every stage of understanding the challenges and solution development, implementation and management cycle.


We are accountable and transparent in all transactions we are involved in. We only take decisions and actions that we will always be proud of and stand by. We also hold confidential the information our clients, partners and beneficiaries share with you of our work with utmost confidentiality.


We understand the sensitive nature of this sector and strive to uphold best practices and set new ones that best meet the challenges of our dynamic world. We are independent, unbiased, an impartial and communicate the true outcomes of our findings to clients, partners, and beneficiaries respectfully. We pride ourselves on not compromising on standards.