Change Partners International (CPI) was incorporated under the laws of Nigeria in 2013 as a development consultancy and advisory firm.

It was founded on the need to bring a whole new perspective to understanding development challenges and bring effectiveness to problem solving through building strategic partnerships of practitioners, public, private sector organizations, governments, non-profits and diverse stakeholders as possible who believe in engagement, inclusion, participation and people relevant solutions to problem solving. At inception its focus was in the different development themes including education, healthcare, water and sanitation, environment, energy and economic development, however with time the focus, strategy and approach of problem solving of its leadership shifted to using energy access as an important tool and approach to solving many of the development challenges that exist.

Today, CPI focuses principally on providing policy formulation and analysis, policy reform support, project development, research, market analysis, capacity development, sustainability consultancy and advisory services and facilitating public private partnerships in the energy and environment sector across Africa.

Currently, CPI is working with clients and partners across different countries as such Nigeria, Liberia, Zambia, Ireland, Tanzania, United States of America and South Africa solve problems in different ways.