Floreo Energy

An energy use survey in some remote, rural off-grid communities in four states in Nigeria namely Lagos, Rivers, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Kaduna to determine the:

  • The average cost of energy in rural communities;
  • Percentage of their income they spend on inefficient, dirty fuel for lighting purposes and
  • Consumers’ willingness and capacity to pay for efficient solar solutions especially solar lanterns.

The project which was coordinated by Change Partners International for Floreo Energy found out that most rural, poor population in these off-grid communities spend as much as 40% of their income in the purchase of inefficient sources of energy for lighting including batteries, kerosene, and biomass.

Using the results of the survey conducted, solar financing and market development solution were designed which helped the 98.9% adoption rate of solar lanterns in Kaima community, Bwari Municipal Area of the FCT and diffusion of the solar lanterns in other neighbouring communities.